Saturday, September 27, 2008


Welcome back, pilgrims! For this fifth installment of Gross Anatomy we're heading to the infernal fields of Necrohell, Norway for a glimpse at my new cover art for the mighty Darkthrone! It was nothing less than a total honor to work with Nocturno Culto & Fenriz once again and I'm stoked on how this turned out! I hope you'll agree. Ok, without further ado let's set out on the endless seas of gray...

I start with a pencil sketch that contains everything I need to keep me focused on the big picture. This drawing is 15" X 15".

In the shadow of the flies! Now I've dropped in with the ink and started the meticulous process of laying on the details...

Here's the final image! This is a raw scan of the drawing, cropped into a square and desaturated. Fenriz specifically requested the Nocturnal patch on the jacket but I also added a patch above the pocket. You can barely see it but the initiated should recognize that specialized pentagram. The first person to identify the patch above the pocket wins a double-sided Destroying Angels shirt! Just post your answer here as a comment and include your address and shirt size. Good luck! And be sure to order 'Dark Thrones and Black Flags' now from Peaceville Records!

Until next time...BANG YOUR HEAD & BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Pope's hat "cod piece" is fantastic, Herr Dread.

Sean F Castillo said...

hey dennis. i think that the mystery patch belongs to VENOM. if i am right, my address is

142 Mayhew Cir.
Incline Village, NV
shirt size: Large

i am a huge fan! i often headbang to Ghoul and Engorged as I browse your killer artwork. i especially like the pencil portrait of Danzig and John Christ. i would be amazingly stoked if you could sign the shirt but if not i understand.
keep carving metal with ballpoint pens!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis,
AWESOME FUCKING WORK, though I've come to expect no less. By the way, the logo on the patch is VON's.
My Address is:
8681 Oasis Ave.
Hails and Stay fucking Metal,
P.S. Will this eventually be available as a print?

Dennis Dread said...

Damn! Less than 8 hours and we've got a winner! Colin nailed it! The patch is VON.

Anonymous said...

Another great artwork... I really liked your previous Darkthrone cover, and you surprised me with this one. Mr. Necro is so much meaner on this one... stay hard and support real metal (and art)!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is another great piece Dennis, cheers!


You have done it once again, this kills!!
i like the hanging sign above the brothel, heh.
I want a print of this!


You have done it once again, this kills!!
i like the hanging sign above the brothel, heh.
I want a print of this!

Adam said...

you actually topped the last cover. well done sir!!!

Ryan S. said...

Fucking love this one

SEAN said...

Great work dude.

Anonymous said...

It was really interesting to see the very creation process. Thanks for the trip!

Tye Doudy said...


Anonymous said...

Hey bro,

Superb work. I can not believe you got to do two Darkthrone covers. Absolutely sick. Best of luck to you Dennis.

Dale / Canadian Assault

Andréas said...

Great work Dennis, looks very cool. I bet the guys from Darkthrone must be pleased.

nanoscum said...

Congrats man! That's fucking badass!