Thursday, June 11, 2009

Punks is Hippies

Be sure to grab the July 2009 (#314) issue of MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL and check out the epic interview with Yours Truly! Its all about how I'm old and should've grown out of this punk crap years ago. The layout is kinda sparse but my endless babbling more than makes up for all those painfully white pages. Seriously, we had a lot of fun with the interview and I'm really stoked on how it turned out!

Special thanks to my man Mike Antipathy for the support!


DEATHRASHER FANZINE 1984-2020 said...

Never to old to Punk - Thrash ~N~ Roll brother. Take it from a 48 year old kid. Being the age 17/18 in 1977/78 and hearing Twisted Sister play ~I'll never grow up~ at the many shows throughout NY/CT must have drilled a hole in my head. Yeah, I joined the TS fan klub at age 18 and still have my card. Then seeing the drummer at a chiller a few years ago, I told him it was my fav song from TS...He said he loved it too but DEE did not. People need to go lay down i think on telling us what to do hahahahaha I would love to read this MRR?????