Saturday, June 06, 2009

ENTARTETE KUNTS 2009 (Part 2: Opening The Gates)

Thanks to everyone who came out on First Thursday for the opening of this year's ENTARTETE KUNTS exhibition! It was a great night. Unfortunately my camera had a malfunction moments before the crowd began to descend upon the gallery but we managed to get the following shots on Meadow's cell phone.

The official Artist Reception takes place on
Friday June 19th at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

My beautiful friend and comrade Meghan Bachman graces the scene.

The very talented Chanel Adair has arrived!

The Black Guards Control.

Tim Parasitic providing the sonic ambience (among other things)...

Thanks to Meadow, Tyler, Damon, Tess, Tim, and EVERYONE who made this night such a blast!


eli said...

Thanks for capturing my art-appreciation face.

In all seriousness - if prints get made of Chanel's stuff let me know.

Kim Riot said...

Killer turnout! Congrats!

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday!

GSV JR said...

Apprently the Druid was chillin' with that punching bag head guy from Jacob's Ladder. I wonder if he bought a Watain tee?

Ryan S. said...

Awesome show once again. I'll be there for the reception to re-look at art and drink.

Anonymous said...

Cool show.