Sunday, January 25, 2009

Contests Are Such Easy Prey...

From Beyond (1986) is coming to Portland's Mission Theater on glorious 35mm! Stuart Gordon's perverse romp through Arkham's darkest laboratories unabashedly basks in the outrageous (hot pink!) afterglow of his earlier H.P. Lovecraft adaptation The Reanimator (1985), but lends its own kinky surprises to the Miskatonic mythos. I'd love to throw a contest but, to make this event even more sweet, it's FREE! This screening at the Mission Theater kicks off Super Trash Movie Marathon running all weekend at the Bagdad Theater. Got that? From Beyond is Thursday at the Mission but the Super Trash Marathon is all weekend-long at the Bagdad. If you live in Portland be sure to come out for The Brood, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Death Wish 3, and a bunch of other killer flicks! Ok, ok. You want a contest? What band had an LP called From Beyond and what artist painted the cover?? That's two questions knuckleheads, and you gotta answer 'em both. Be the first to post the correct answers and you win 2 ALL-WEEKEND MARATHON PASSES! Good luck!

one-night only!
Mission Theater
February 5th

Super Trash Marathon
Bagdad Theater
February 6-8th


Pove said...

Far to easy Dennis, I wish I lived in Portland. Hopefully I beat Noah on this one ;)

Your fav limey

Lucas said...

That's Massacre- "From Beyond". And wasn't that Ed Repka?

Dennis Dread said...

You got it, Lucas! You get two week-end long passes man! And the contest is over in 4 hours. Thanks to all the out-of-towners who sent the correct answers but couldn't redeem the movie passes. You guys rule!


My buddy talked me into dropping acid for the first time - and going to see this in the theatre. We got his brother to drive us there and pounded a bottle of sloe gin before we got out of the car. By the time that chick is decked out in fetish gear, and everyone's surrounded by primordial gelatin, I was tripping my face off. Haven't seen it since.

Dennis Dread said...

Trawets, you've posted the best comment of 2009! I realize the year has barely begun but From Beyond on acid and gin??? You deserve a Destroying Angels shirt! Send your shirt size and address. Well played, sir.


I hear the Price is Right theme in my head when I win things, and I'm hearing it right now.