Saturday, December 11, 2021


You are cordially invited to join WYRD WAR on Saturday December 18, 2021 at Portland's historic non-profit Hollywood Theatre for our one-night-only double feature MANIAC COP (1988) and MANIAC 2 (1990) with very special guest Laurene Landon in attendance! Tickets are available HERE

New York City circa 1988 was a maelstrom of crime and corruption, and exploitation horror auteur William Lustig tapped into this gritty zeitgeist to create his absurdly entertaining MANIAC COP franchise. Written by Larry Cohen, and boasting a stellar cast of genre luminaries including Robert Z’Dar, Bruce Campbell, Tom Adkins, Richard Roundtree, William Smith and the very talented Laurene Landon, this supernatural slasher DOUBLE FEATURE mainlines dopamine directly into the viewers’ sleaze receptors! Shot on location in pre-Rudy Giuliani Manhattan, and featuring some of the most striking stunts of the decade, MANIAC COP tells the story of a violent police officer who returns from the dead to exact his revenge on the system that betrayed him…and anyone else who crosses his path! In 1990, Lustig and Cohen doubled down on existential urban dread with a sequel that sees the titular zombified menace teaming up with a serial killer to paint “The Big Apple” red once again! Come for the ridiculous body counts, stay for the ham-fisted social commentary! Wyrd War’s Dennis Dread will moderate an onstage Q&A with Laurene Landon between films.

The Hollywood Theater requires proof of vaccine or proof of negative COVID test. Masks are required for a safer socially distanced experience. This event is also our birthday celebration for my darling companion of 25 years, and Wyrd War co-founder, Tiffany Kenaley (whom many of you know by her childhood nickname "Meadow"), so who knows what wild shenanigans shall transpire when MANIAC COP comes to town... 

Saturday December 18, 2021
Doors 6pm
Maniac Cop 7pm
Laurene Landon 9pm
Maniac Cop 2 9:30pm
The Hollywood Theatre