Friday, June 11, 2021


Wyrd War presents a very special night at the theater with legendary filmmaker Brian Trenchard-Smith! DEAD END DRIVE-IN (1986) is cult “Ozploitation” auteur Brian Trenchard-Smith’s neon-drenched dystopian satire that pits an unlikely cast of new wave punks against a future fascist state in a race for freedom! After the economic collapse of Australia, police forces lure society’s unemployable youth into decadent drive-in movie theaters that turn out to be…concentration camps! Featuring the amazing car stunts of MAD MAX 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR veteran Guy Norris, DEAD END DRIVE-IN is a high-octane whirlwind of stylized violence and wry commentary on vapid 80s pop culture values. Brian Trenchard-Smith will be signing copies of his new memoir Adventures in the B Movie Trade before the film while supplies last! This private event sold out in 24 hopefully you already reserved your seat! See you next Wednesday!