Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Wyrd War invites you on a DOUBLE FEATURE terror trip into the wild imagination of cult director Jeff Lieberman! Lieberman will be in attendance for this one-night-only full moon retrospective of his most unhinged creations at Portland's historic Hollywood Theatre

BLUE SUNSHINE (1977): The thin veneer of normality unravels for Los Angeles suburbanites when an inexplicable outbreak of murder and alopecia erupts across the city. Lieberman’s LSD freak out thriller bangs the final nail in the coffin of utopian California dreamin’ and ushers in a snarling era of punk nihilism. 

JUST BEFORE DAWN (1981): Filmed on location in Oregon’s beautiful Silver Falls State Park, this backwoods stalk and slash romp brings homicidal inbred violence to a campsite near you! Boasting sweeping cinematography by Joel King (Carrie) and one of the most bizarre plot twists since Sleepaway Camp, Lieberman’s contribution to the “don’t go in the woods” sub-genre is a fist in the throat of your summer doldrums!