Sunday, October 29, 2017


Cinema club Ghana style with Day of the Dead. Long live George A. Romero!

Photo by Rosie Struve.

Photo by Rosie Struve.

Photo by Rosie Struve.

Ensorcelling the Minotaur.

Cinema club Ghana style with The Exterminator on the day death triumphed over Martin "Slayed Necro" Ain. An irreplaceable and invaluable voice of the underground has fallen silent. R.I.P.   

20 year old Henry Loux provided our most precious show review!

Cinema club Ghana style with Mausoleum.

United Forces!

For those about to rot...we salute you! The gates have now closed and the fierce ghost has slithered back into the ether. THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported this beautiful exhibition. It has been a whirlwind week and, to be perfectly honest, we were overwhelmed by the love Portland showed us for this one. Very special thanks to Brian and Heidi Chankin of Deadly Prey Gallery (Chicago) for sharing their amazing collection, Ami and Sandee Lawless of Burning Spirits Yoga (Portland) for inviting us into their Cobra Lounge, and the extended Wyrd War family for standing by my side until the very end. If you missed it, you done fucked up because most of the paintings sold and are now scattered into private homes and collections, never to be seen again. You can read a 90% accurate review by the Willamette Week here. We already have plans for a 2018 exhibit featuring all new material, and I promise it will remain on display for more than one week next time. Happy Halloween!