Saturday, March 11, 2017


Here I am being strangled by Danny Roebuck while wearing his original jacket from the film. And a vintage Iron Maiden Purgatory shirt just like Samson wears in the flick, naturally.

The beautiful and historic Hollywood Theatre.
Total support!

"You're dead, dude. Here have a beer."
Photo by Greg Hamilton.

Photo by Greg Hamilton

Photo by Tammy Roebuck.

Samson lives!

Our partner in crime for this event, Greg Hamilton wearing "the jacket" from River's Edge!

TFW you bein' directed by Danny Roebuck and screenwriter Randall Jahnson. 

TFW you bein' killed by Randall Jahnson and Danny Roebuck.

TFW you pretend you sippin' Ouzo and Jack in Greece with screenwriter Randall Jahnson and Daniel Roebuck​. Opa!

Killer night, eh Portland? My deepest gratitude to the more than 300 people who filled Hollywood Theatre last night to give actor Daniel Roebuck a proper Portland welcome. Special thanks to Greg Hamilton, Doug Whyte, Dan Halsted, Jamie Victorino, Connor Kirkwood, Matt Cunningham, Erin Eave, Virginia Durost, Alison Hallett, Kristy Conrad, and EVERYONE at the Hollywood Theatre whose names I don't know or can't remember at the moment. It was a truly special night, and your support means the world to me. Very special thanks to our new friends Daniel Roebuck and Tammy Roebuck for delivering the goods. "You do shit and then you die."