Friday, October 14, 2016


Brothers and Sisters: Yesterday afternoon the California Corrections Parole Board deliberated for less than two hours before once again denying freedom for my dear friend Bobby BeauSoleil. For those who do not already know, Bobby murdered a man in 1969 under terrible circumstances at the unwise age of 21. He has been in prison ever since (do the math yourself). I do not minimize the awful gravity of his crime. Still, it is my belief that this is an inhumane and unjust punishment and I firmly believe that Bobby should be free. However, I am not the type to whine and moan about injustices. No. Instead, I hereby announce the impending release of the latest Wyrd War "Artist Series" t-shirt with an unambiguous message befitting my perfectly unambiguous stance. FUCK THE WORLD is an exclusive vintage-inspired design created by none other than my longtime brother, Erik Danielsson of WATAIN​. Limited to 50 shirts and then deleted forever. Shirts will be reserved upon payment and will ship in early November. ORDER NOW AND FTW!