Wednesday, July 20, 2016


VICTORY! The indomitable A.K. Wilson perfectly summarized our record release party at Enchanted Forest with one beautiful photo. Of course that didn't stop me from posting a ton of other gems from this mind-blowing occasion. Many of the photos here are courtesy of Alyssa Herrman of FOTO PHORTRESS and the rest are by A.K. Wilson and Meadow, as usual, with a few nice ones from Drew Wilson and Jessie Detwiller added for good measure (hope I didn't forget anyone). Who knew our Music From Enchanted Forest LP would sell out before we could even announce the release party? And who knew the release party would sell out in two weeks?? Not us. But we sure ain't complaining. Thanks to ALL of you who came out and shared a dream come true. Very special thanks to Danava, Thrones, Susan Vaslev and Possibly Irish for spectacular performances in a truly enchanted environment. Thank you to founder/visionary Roger Tofte for building a special piece of paradise right along Interstate 5 and to the entire extended Tofte Family for allowing us to celebrate your beloved kingdom in all our spiked denim and leather splendor. Lastly thanks to Jordan Dent and Derek Vaslev for managing the stage and welcoming us so warmly. See ya all real soon, eh?