Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It is admittedly strange when those you come to regard amongst your closest of friends also happen to comprise one of the most untamable bands currently in existence, but that is precisely where I find myself now that the smoke of madness, possession and ecstatic intoxication clears and those sinister forces conjured by torchlight under a blood red moon recoil yet again into the shapeless void just beyond my peripheral vision. The wild, wild, WILD HUNT descended upon Europa over the course of 26 dates in March/April 2014, unfurling pestilent tendrils across twelve borders and sweeping countless souls up in its spectral frenzy. As the tour's official Stage Manager/Fire Demon/Chieftain (that last one is Erik's nomenclature, but I proudly accept it), I can say without hesitation that it was an honor to sweat, bleed and burn alongside some of the most devoted artists and hardest working soldiers in the music business. It was also very special to meet so many of you along the way...often while I was covered in black soot, blood and offal! To you I humbly present the following photo diary documenting 30 days astride the Devil's thunder. A more intimate glimpse into WATAIN and DEGIAL on the road you are unlikely to find. As for the sniveling expressions of dull complacency witnessed in certain venues, allow me to put forth the lofty notion that the essence of black metal- and any real art with purpose for that matter- is about transgression. It is a shrill call to boldly step across forbidden lines and embrace the consequences with every fiber of one's being. It is a dour invitation to embody the destructive principles of fire and brandish that adversarial flame with ruthless will. It certainly won't be captured, co-opted or ceased with a camera, no matter how desperately you hold it up in front of your face like an impotent mask and allow the fleeting sacred moment to pass without impact. But perhaps that call is heard by only the few. As below, so above. On this Walpurgis Night I salute my brothers, old and new, from Uppsala/Stockholm/Åland and the entire Iron Crew. These photos are mostly for you. Until we meet again...TO THE DEATH!!!!


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing these pics, hails from Finland!

Unknown said...

Great commentary and photos! What an unforgettable experience that very few have the chance to do. I dont think anyone could confuse this with a Bon Jovi tour! :)

Andréas said...

Thanks for sharing. WFFW