Thursday, December 22, 2011

BEST OF 2011: Part 2!

Untitled(Unseen Forces)

Deathcharge has been one of Portland, Oregon's best kept secrets for well over a decade now so it was about time they finally released their debut full-length (or whatever you call a 12" that runs at 45 rpm's). By the way, despite the Love Was Born To An Early Death poetry printed on the LP, the band insists that this is an untitled record. I first saw Deathcharge back in the Chinese Tea House days of yore (what is currently the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland was formerly many things including a sketchy Mexican restaurant and a Chinese joint that allowed punks to book shows in their basement) when they were strictly a Discharge worship band and their noisy style of sonic violence was well suited to dark basements and hard cider spit nights. They fell silent for several years as members played musical chairs in various bands but mainstay/founding member A. Void always remained true to his dark vision of micro/macro apocalypse. With the current lineup they have undeniably achieved new heights of creativity, even performing live with relative frequency. This is a strange and magnetic collection of songs with the flow of a powerful concept album that gets even better with time, not unlike Antisect's brilliant In Darkness There Is No Choice. I realize "post punk" is all the rage these days but this record perfectly melds the gothic overtures of early Christian Death with Killing Joke rhythm and the swirling tribal psychedelia of Monolith-era Amebix and it's all elegantly presented with outstanding artwork by Lebenden Toten vocalist Chanel Adair. I love this record so much that I insisted it be released on my very own label. Shameless.