Saturday, October 22, 2011


"The time has come..."
~William Marshall

That's right, boils &'s almost HALLOWEEN! If you're looking to liven up this cold October with some sleazy cinematic treats, why not revisit the obscure, under appreciated, fucked-up films of prematurely buried auteur William Girdler? What??!! You never heard of William Girdler?! Well, today is his birthday and had he lived a full life he would be celebrating 64 years of mind boggling movie-making madness. Fortunately for us, he packed a lot of living into his brief existence and directed no less than nine films before the age of 30. To commemorate his birth and celebrate his frequently ignored legacy, I've pillaged the Destroying Angels archives to bring you this humble introduction to the mysterious young man who delivered such films as Asylum of Satan (1972), Abby (1974), Grizzly (1976) and Day of the Animals (1977). This tribute was written by Michael Grutchfield (aka, "Pope George Ringo II") and cut & pasted/footnoted by yours cruelly many years ago for issue #3. Click on the images below to zoom in, turn on and drop dead. Happy Birthday, William Girdler. Rest In Pieces (I couldn't resist).


Michael Grutchfield said...

Good to see that this is still getting some play! Some of my facts can be buttressed by checking out the current William Girdler fan site:

As far as your footnotes, I think I mentioned it last time, but the rumors of LaVey's involvement with "Rosemary's Baby" have been consistently denied by Roman Polanski and everyone else in the production, and appear highly improbable, in light of his own life and career. The facts were analyzed here:


Dennis Dread said...

Whatever guy.