Friday, May 13, 2011

Scrawls From The Crypt: Friday the 13th!

"Tch...Tch...Tch...Ha...Ha...Ha..." Today we celebrate superstitious numerology with a few hits from the machete archives! The cartoon above is circa 1992. The original was about 12" x 14" and in full color but, unfortunately, it didn't survive my cross-country adventures by freight train many years ago so this b/w doodle is all that remains. My apologies to Charles Schultz. Some of you may recall this drawing from Destroying Angels #3, where it appeared along with the following article penned by the great Chas Balun! This piece of literary brilliance is cut and pasted from a 1987 issue of Fangoria magazine (#62). I loved it back when I was a teenager and I suppose I still love it today. Enjoy...

You'll want to look closely toward the end of the article, nerds. That is indeed the letter I wrote to Fangoria way back in 1987 in response to Chas' article (I turned 15 the same month this was published!). Hilarious stuff. I think they edited my hand-scrawled letter and added a few fancy words like "Emeritus" that I probably didn't even understand back then but it was still pretty exciting to see my letter printed in Fango, dude.

And what the fuck is this? Another scrawl from the crypt, circa 1988! This was one of the drawings I brought with me to my first horror convention and nervously shoved in the faces of the very kind professional artists I met that fateful day. There's a lot of funny business going on here but instead of humiliating myself further, I'm off to grab a six-pack and the first 4 installments of Friday the 13th! "I'm tired of always being the goat!"

Happy Friday the 13th!


Lucio H. said...

NICE way to celebrate the day, Herr Dread! FRIDAY IV is my FAVORITE of the series!

Averse Sefira said...

haha very nice! Have you ever seen this?