Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Tom Savini Incident

So we drove down to Eugene, Oregon this weekend to catch Christian Mistress on Halloween for the final show of their first North American tour. They looked surprisingly unscathed after several weeks on the road and destroyed with a short but characteristically powerful set. I can't wait to see them in Europe some day so I'm not the only asshole banging my head in the room. It's no secret that I adore these Northwest rockers and they never fail to deliver the goods...

The Thrones presided with a killer set that consisted of new material, a welcome surprise for longtime fans who were getting bored with the same ol' set in recent years. What does all this have to do with Tom Savini, you ask?

Erratum: Mr. Preston says, "Wrong...same ol' warmed over shit set."
It's amazing what a good mood and Jamesons will do for the ears.

The real treat of the night occurred when Mr. Joe Preston directed my attention to a drunk man who was barreling through the doors of The Oak Street Speakeasy impeccably costumed as gore effects pioneer and stud actor/director/stuntman Tom Savini! I was actually stunned by the likeness. Needless to say, I had to get a photo with this genius of disguise. I approached him at the bar where he was having a difficult time standing up and ordering a drink at the same time and popped the question: "Are you dressed as Tom Savini?" His answer came in the form of a question. It was in fact the very same question I've heard from girlfriends most of my life right before I end the relationship: "Who's Tom Savini?" He went on to explain that he didn't have time for a Halloween costume and was actually dressed, "As myself!" Regardless, he was quickly pulled aside for the inevitable photo shoot.

As this picture was snapped he said, "So who's Tom Savini anyway?" "Don't worry," I shouted over the din of a lackluster Runaways cover band, "He's a ruggedly handsome actor. You'd love him!"

Will the real Tom Savini please stare intensely at the computer screen?

It was a fun night and a perfect close to perhaps my favorite holiday of the year. Not only that but today, November 3rd, is the real Tom Savini's birthday! That's right. The Sultan of Splatter celebrates his 64th year today and I personally send my most heartfelt birthday wishes his way. Tom Savini is of course responsible for engineering some of the most memorable moments in cinematic gore history and if you have even a passing interest in horror flicks you've undoubtedly marveled at his innovative effects and swaggering screen presence. His resume includes such genre defining classics as Deranged (1972), Martin (1977), Dawn of The Dead (1978), Maniac (1980), Friday the 13th (1980), The Burning (1981), The Prowler (1981), Creepshow (1982) and more recently From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), Planet Terror (2007) and Machete (2010). And let's not forget one of my personal favorite cult 80's films Knightriders (1980). Let's review:

Christian Mistress rocks.

Diamond Joe Preston is one swell fella'.

Tom Savini rules.

This guy does too.

Happy Birthday, Tom Savini!


GSV JR said...

Folks don't headbang in Oregon, too, huh? Must be the only "retro trope" that hasn't yet caught on.

Dennis Dread said...

Nah, we've got assholes walking around with tassels, tie dye, bell bottoms, dream catchers, cowboy boots, bullet belts, liberty spikes, patch jackets, abba shirts, head bands and puffy white reebok sneakers but not many people headbang. I think they're afraid it will mess up their hair or cause their peacock feather earrings to fall out. Incidentally, I hope "bad hair" makes a come back soon. I'm starting to look like I have a dead squirrel on my head.

Ryan S. said...

a. wish I could have caught that gig

b. this post made my morning much better. Thanks!

piranha said...

There was serious head banging at the Oakland Christian Mistress show, you woulda LOVED it!

Town Manager said...

Ha. Didn't realize Savini worked on Deranged too. Best Ed Gein movie with the creepy old man from Home Alone!

Carm said...

That guy reminds me of this Filipino actor, Ramon Revilla. I grew up watching his movies as a kid. He was in this ultra-kvlt movie called "The Killing Of Satan".

Note the black metal-sounding trailer music.

eric j said...

No offense to Mr. Preston, but I too would like to see some set changeups. Let's get that Japanese version of the Django theme song in there.