Sunday, March 01, 2009

Into The Catacombs Of Digestor!

Be sure to check out my final article for Metal Maniacs this month! I interviewed my talented pal Sean "Digestor" McGrath about his art, inspiration, and killer band logos. Here is a short excerpt to whet your appetite...

If live music is still the ritual of communion that gathers the marauding metal tribes, gig flyers are the graphic invocations that summon the legions…and keep the infidels out! Whether stapled to telephone poles or posted digitally as Internet bulletins, gig flyers are an irrefutable folk art form and an essential visual device in the specialized lexicon of underground music. Like scrappy umbilical cords linking regional fans with the raw power of something much larger than a local scene, well-rendered flyers contain winks for the initiated and warnings for the wimps. Few headbangers have championed this functional medium with as much finesse and sharp wit as emerging artist Sean “Digestor” McGrath. Hailing alternately from Oakland, California - or the catacombs of Creepsylvania, depending on who you ask - this dedicated deathdealer cranks out eye-eviscerating graphics even as he punishes ears with his own bands Impaled (guitar/vocals), Engorged (vocals), and Ghoul (roadie/gaffer). “It's difficult sometimes,” the artist moans from beneath a blood-spattered hood, “but the bands I'm in only take up a lot of time when we're playing shows or going on tour. The real question is why I'm not doing more drawing and music...”

Read the complete article in the FINAL issue of Metal Maniacs on sale TODAY! It's the March/April 2009 issue with Kreator on the cover.