Saturday, August 16, 2008

DEUTSCHLAND 2008 (part 4): Full Metal Jacket!

The heavy metal "patch-jacket" seems to be a distinctly Teutonic phenomenon. Sure, other nationalities indulge in the patch-jacket tradition but not with the fanatical enthusiasm and obsessive stitchery of the Germans. These are just a few humble examples of the patch-jacket when I was sober enough to remember my camera.

Patch-jacket with first-aid fanny pack.

The patch-jacket is largely a thrash metal institution but this fan proves that it can also celebrate other genres. Behold the Black Metal Patch-Jacket!

A slight variation on the patch-jacket is the Heavy Metal Club. At first glance they resemble traditional biker gang colors but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that these brothers are not bonded by iron horses and the open road but by their unwavering devotion to TRUE METAL! These guys will kick your ass.

Bow before the crowned and conquering Patch-Jacket Champion! I wouldn't want to hang out with this guy but he clearly wins. Sorry guys, better luck next time...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the "fake gang" vests. Ughhh! HA!

And this: "I wouldn't want to hang out with this guy but he clearly wins" ... HILARIOUS!

Did you see anyone sporting a "down-to-the-floor patch jacket but no pants" ensemble? Now THAT would be something to see ... !

chialoo said...

I'd rather see patch pants than no pants.

Anonymous said...

Fake gang vests ????
you don't know what the hell you talking about ....the Alcoholic Inhalators are good friends of our... watch it !!!!!!!!!!!
Knights of Valhalla HMC

Dennis Dread said...

Knights of Valhalla,
Thanks for commenting, but take it easy. I would not disrespect the Alcoholic Inhalators and never referred to their jackets as "fake gang vests". Perhaps something was lost in translation? The point I was making is that in America there are very few Heavy Metal Clubs (I can only think of one) so an inexperienced American might mistake them for a biker gang because of their vests. Absolutely no disrespect was intended to your friends.
Metal is Law,
Dennis Dread

Anonymous said...

I am talking about that dumbass comment from Lucio Holocausto or whatever his name is. If you don't know anything about the Scene or Metal Clubs in General you should not make comments like that. By the way there are more than 10 Metal Clubs in the US one of them are us. We are all very close and befriended and know each other Worldwide.
Hope that cleared it up a little ??
Hansi (President) Knights of Valhalla HMC

Gwen Martinez said...

Yay! those are very cool jackets, nice blog anyways.

Unknown said...

Theres a great gallery of customised metal patch jackets (kutten) and tshirts i found at check it out for more!


excelent blog man i like this casacas a lot of parches hhaha well echek my blog too saludos de peru

Anonymous said...

Plennntty of Kutte in the US & South America. In abundance from Maryland Death Fest to local shows here in Texas. As far as "gangs," I suppose they exist but no one really cares about them as they're usually old farts who have no clue what metal is. Definitely a worldwide heavy metal thing- but some nice ones from Germany here!

Serbian Metal Videos said...

and the winner is: for sure this guy on the last pic!

condo costa rica said...

hello friends! that good information is obtained in places like this, thank you all for making this a reality

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few heavy metal clubs in America. Should do your research before referring to any of us as a "Fake Gang".

Dennis Dread said...

Dear Anonymous,
This isn't a message board for anonymous club-joiners so save your commentary for the NWN! forum.

If you wish to address the "fake gangs" comment that another reader of this blog posted almost two years ago, you can click on Lucio Holocausto's url (see above) and communicate with him directly.

But I would suggest you find a hobby or something more productive to do with your time instead.
Dennis Dread

Anonymous said...

HMC's are not fake gangs. We are organized clubs of brothers and sisters in metal! If you don't understand us, then don't talk shit. You can approach any of us and ask.

Rev. Dirtbag
War Brigade Metal Co. HMC
President & Founder