Friday, January 12, 2007


The Warlords of Twisted Cosmic Horror have returned! Abscess have unleashed a new masterpiece of death metal titled 'Horrorhammer'! The album has gone to press and is slated for a February release on Darkthrone's elite Tyrant Syndicate. Here's a glimpse of my cover art. Prepare for total psychic warfare from beyond the grave!

click the image to view detail!


Anonymous said...

I dig it, Dennis. Somewhat "subdued" for an ABSCESS cover. Nonetheless, utter desolation of mortality - and morality. Good work, Lord Bic.

SEAN said...

Nicely executed Dennis. I really like the eyeball critters & the dude's rotting robe. It does seem to be lacking the "power geometry" of alot of your other pieces though. I like a theatrical arrangement for objects, like using banks of coffins to flank the central image, then the rotting skyscrapers as the back drop & the fire in the background. That said though, it's cool.

Jose Gabriel Angeles said...

looks awesome as always man, the rising caskets rule, cool gloom and doom atmosphere