Tuesday, May 09, 2006


My copies of the new Autopsy DVD arrived today from England. They look pretty nice, although the folks at Peaceville conveniently cropped my name out of the cover artwork and plastered the band logo across one of my favorite parts of the drawing. This is especially frustrating because I drew the art to accomodate the text and Peaceville was initially very professional about requesting my layout approval. But I won't complain too much because I have to admit that I'm still extremely pleased to have my art on an Autopsy DVD! Well, that and I've grown accustomed to this sort of thing over the years. I'm also not too worried because I'll soon have really nice looking 16" X 20" prints of the cover art available without any text!

As for the DVD itself, it's pretty much a no-frills homemade documentary capturing some awesome shows by this great legend of death metal. Kind of like 'Cliff 'Em All' but with more bongs and much more shaving cream. If you're a hapless poser who missed out when they toured the states in the early 90's (like me) then this is about as close as you'll ever get to the live Autopsy experience. The band sounds great and they bash out a killer collection of favorites. The one thing missing that I really hoped to see is the gory homemade video that the band recorded early on. Instead we get a 'Gummo' moment with the band rehearsing and smoking a joint in some house with little kids running around behind the amps.

I spoke to Chris Reifert last week and he told me that, in the end, about half the material didn't make it onto these discs. Which means there are still several unreleased Autopsy shows! I'm crossing my fingers that there might be a Part 2 or "deluxe edition" at some point. Anyway, I'll have a few copies of the DVD for sale at my upcoming show at Optic Nerve Arts on 6/6/06. I'll also be displaying the original art. Maybe I'll set up a TV and just have a mini screening.
Hope to see you there!