Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Dennis Dread proudly stakes a claim among the questionable heritage of subversive art that encompasses gory horror pulps of the 50's, degenerate underground comix of the 60's & 70's, the DIY anti-graphics of 80's hardcore punk and metal, and the heathen proclivities of 19th century volkisch symbolists. Born at home in 1972 in New York's folklore-rich Hudson River Valley, near Sing Sing Prison and Sleepy Hollow, he enjoyed a childhood of monster movies and home-made comic books and at the age of 18 began silkscreen printing for the infamous terrorist t-shirt company Mutilation Graphics. Dennis held his post at Mutilation Graphics for four years while working on his drawing skills and studying literature and comparative mythology at the State University of New York at Purchase. Following several cross-country drawing sprees, Mr. Dread jumped off a freight train passing through Portland, Oregon and the City of Roses has served as his headquarters ever since. Dennis Dread's visceral and obsessively detailed ballpoint pen drawings have appeared on numerous national and international metal and punk records, including work for such extreme-noise luminaries as Autopsy, Abscess, Phobia, Engorged, Abigail, and Machetazo. Dennis also edits and self-publishes the long running underground art magazine Destroying Angels. His writing has been published in Runa, a journal of Northern European occult traditions published in England by Ian Read. When he is not hunched over a drawing table howling at the moon, Dennis can be found assisting homeless youth on the streets of Portland, Oregon where he earns his professional title as a street outreach worker.

Past public exhibits include:

Invasion of the Monster Men (group exhibit) Gallery Bink 10/2001

Live By The Pen, Die By The Sword! (solo exhibit) Medusa Gallery 5/2002

Intermission (group exhibit) Optic Nerve Arts 12/2004

Heathen Art (group exhibit) Optic Nerve Arts 8/2005

Candy Apples & Razor Blades (solo exhibit) Counter Media 10/2005

Zombies! (group exhibit) MF Gallery 1/2006

Halloween Show (group exhibit) MF Gallery 9/2006

Spill The Beer of Christ (solo exhibit) Optic Nerve Arts 6/2006

Entartete Kunts (curated group exhibit) Optic Nerve Arts 6/2007